Andrew Stecker



Coming from a lineage of photographers and creative minds, it's only natural that I find myself doing the same. Once I acquired my first camera as a child I began snapping away.  I found a joy in it that was unlike anything else. I began receiving awards in photography from local contests. I was reminded of this as my mother keeps everything. Including the bad photos. No matter how much I protest... 

Now in my adult years, I wanted to recapture that magic I discovered as a child. I acquired a Cannon 60D from a friend of mine and again, immediately began snapping away.  Primarily in nature. I began educating myself every single day. Putting what I learned to work in any way I could. 

When the Minneapolis protests began following the tragic death of George Floyd, I put what I had learned into trying to help tell the story that was unfolding around me. Anger, protests, riots, damage, and then eventually, the love that came after. I wanted to document it all. I wanted to help tell the story. 

I look forward to continuing my love of photography in a variety of ways. Both in learning and in experiencing. 

~Andrew Stecker

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